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Armoracia rusticana* - Horseradish

Hyssopus officinalis - Hyssop

Hyssopus officinalis 'Nana' - Dwarf Blue Hyssop

Matricaria recutita - Chamomile

Ocimum basilicum - Sweet Basil

Ocimum basilicum 'Dark Opal' - Dark Opal Basil

Ocimum basilicum 'Presto Genovese' - Presto Genovese Basil

Ocimum basilicum 'Purple Ruffles' - Purple Ruffles Basil

Origanum vulgare - Oregano

Origanum vulgare 'Variegatum' - Variegated Oregano

Rosmarinus officinalis 'Upright' - Upright Rosemary

Salvia officinalis - Common Sage

Salvia officinalis 'Aurea' - Golden Sage

Salvia officinalis 'Purpurascens' - Purple Sage

Salvia officinalis 'Tricolor' - Tricolor Sage

Thymus vulgaris - Common Thyme

Thymus vulgaris 'Oregano' - Oregano Thyme

Thymus x citriodorus - Lemon Thyme

Thymus x citriodorus 'Argenteus' - Silver Lemon Thyme

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